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Style Napoleon III / Ref.14982

Mathurin Moreau for the Val d’Osne foundry, The Flower Fairy, late 19th century


Height: 104'' ⅜  265cm
Diameter: 39'' ⅜  100cm

19th century, French

Good condition

This cast iron sculpture was created by Mathurin Moreau for the Val d'Osne foundry, in whose catalog it is presented, just like its pedestal. It represents a young winged girl sitting sidesaddle and led by a cherub. The woman's naked body forms an arc, her arm raised above her intertwining with long garlands of flowers. These connect her to the cherub who, with her hair blowing in the wind, seems to be pulling her along and thus setting the whole composition in motion.

The imposing pedestal of the sculpture is in harmony with it. It is divided into several compartments, the interior of which is decorated with floral motifs and various symbolic objects: two recorders forming an aulos (antique wind instrument) accompanied by small birds; a pan flute associated with grapes evoking the world of Dionysus; a sheaf of wheat and tools symbolizing agriculture; a theatrical mask and a fool's hat with a tambourine and a curtain representing the performing arts.

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