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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.10972

MANUFACTURE JULES VIEILLARD & CIE - Glazed ceramic dish with a parrot partitioned decoration


Diameter: 14'' ⅛  36cm

France, Between 1878 and 1895.

Large circular dish in enameled polychrome ceramic with light relief decoration of a parrot perched on a branch of Japanese cherry blossom on aubergine color background.
Cartridge with fake Japanese calligraphy in the decoration.
At the back, mark of the "Jules Vieillard et Compagnie" factory with the three intertwined croissants that take up the coat of arms of the city of Bordeaux.
This mark indicates a period of manufacture between 1868 and 1895, that is to say at the time when the two sons of Jules Vieillard, Charles and Albert, direct the manufacture. But more precisely, one can undoubtedly attribute the genesis of this type of Japanese design to the presence of Amédée de Caranza, visionary workshop manager with a particular taste for Orientalism and Japanism. It is thanks to his talent and knowledge that the Bordeaux factory shines from the World's Fair 1878 .

A large dish of the same model is reproduced in the book "Jules Vieillard et Cie, Histoire de la faïence fine à Bordeaux. De l'anglomanie au rêve orientaliste." by Jacqueline du Pasquier, p. 108.

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