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Style Other / Ref.11656

Large 19th century bracket clock featuring Hermes and his caduceus

Width: 61'' ⅜  156cm
Height: 33'' ⅞  86cm
Depth: 6'' ¾  17cm

France, late 19th century

Beautiful patina. Small gaps. A restoration on the top of Hermes' head

This large bracket clock, made at the end of the 19th century, is made out of richly carved oak wood. Its decoration features Hermes' head and a caduceus in the upper part, a horn of abundance on either side and a shell in the lower part. The dial, with Roman numbers, is in embossed work brass.

The Latin word caduceus comes from the Greek kêrukeion which is the "badge of herald" or "stick of the herald". The herald is an officer carrying messages, an annunciator.
To reward him for having offered him his lyre and for having made him his syrinx (flute of Pan), Apollon gave to Hermes the caduceus, a gold wand so that he was the messenger of the Gods. As he traveled the slopes of Mount Cithéron, the young god Hermes (Mercury) saw two serpents fighting each other. He threw the caduceus he had received from Apollo to separate them. The snakes then wrapped around this stick, stopped fighting, and stopped facing each other. The caduceus is also called "stick of Arcadia" because it is in Arcadia that Hermes separated the two serpents who fought each other.

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