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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.13383

Émile GALLÉ for L'ESCALIER DE CRISTAL, Small Tubular Japanese-Style Vase in Amber Glass


Height: 4''   10cm
Diameter: 3'' ½  9cm

France, 19th century

This vase was created by Émile Gallé for the Escalier de Cristal at the end of the 19th century.

A pioneering figure of Art Nouveau, Émile Gallé was particularly influenced by Far Eastern arts. He collaborated numerous times with the prestigious Escalier de Cristal.

Founded around 1808 by the widow Désarnaud, the Escalier de Cristal was taken over by the brothers Georges and Henri Pannier at the end of the 19th century. They adapted to the vogue of Japonism while maintaining the high quality that made the store's reputation.

The amber glass of this vase is acid-engraved either in reserve or in relief, depending on the motifs, on a grooved background. Its decor is influenced by Japanese art: a flowering branch stands out against a mountainous background, with a large sun seeming to disappear behind a bouquet of trees. The neck of the vase is adorned with interlocking semi-circles arranged in scales.

The vase is signed with the artist's initials separated by a Cross of Lorraine. Of all the artists who worked for the institution, only Émile Gallé was allowed to put his signature on the works he provided. The signature of the Escalier de Cristal is found on the base of the vase.

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