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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.13494

Henri HUSSON, Adrien HÉBRARD, Remarkable Silver Vase with Grasshopper and Vine Leaves Decoration, circa 1908


Height: 9''   23cm
Diameter: 5'' ⅛  13cm

France, 20th century

This beautiful silver vase was executed in the early 20th century by silversmith Henri Husson (1852-1914) and cast by the Hébrard foundry. The foundry’s stamp and the signature “H. Husson” under the base attest to this. The neo-Gothic monogram hallmark can also be found on the neck.

It was probably exhibited at the Paris and Mulhouse Salons in 1908, where mentions are made of a “showcase containing various art objects” belonging to “M. Hébrard, founder” in Paris, and a “silver vase”, “Property of M. A. Hébrard, art founder” in Mulhouse.

Henri Husson (1852-1914), the son of a locksmith, followed in his father’s footsteps before working for several years as an ornamental ironworker and restorer of ancient works. With a background in drawing, he drew inspiration from nature, which provided his main themes, faithfully reproducing plants and insects. These seem to be molded from life, their precision is so remarkable. Husson was a singular artist who lived apart from the fashions and artistic movements of his time. Nonetheless, his work shows a certain affinity with movements such as Art Nouveau, Symbolism and Japonism, that marked the late 19th century. Henri Husson exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français in 1901 and then every year until 1911.

From 1909, the founder and editor Adrien Hébrard (1865-1937), with whom he occasionally collaborated, as for this vase, dedicated several exhibitions to him in his gallery on Rue Royale in Paris.

The body of the vase is adorned with supple vine branches on which an extremely naturalistic grasshopper has alighted. The background, partially textured, alternates with smooth, shiny areas. This decoration demonstrates the creator's remarkable naturalist talent.

The Petit Palais museum in Paris houses a vase by Henri Husson, executed around 1909, whose naturalistic vegetal decoration is very similar to that of our vase.

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