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Style Other / Ref.12888

Model Representing a Blacksmith Workshop

Width: 37'' ¾  96cm
Height: 15''   38cm
Depth: 31'' ½  80cm

This object is a model of a blacksmith workshop from the 19th century. The installations and tools necessary for the operation of a workshop are faithfully reproduced here: boilers, milling machines, drills, anvils, and workbenches equipped with a vise, alternating with hammers, chisels, squares, etc.

This model could be the masterwork of a compagnon du devoir. The goal for these talented artisans is to showcase the extent of their skills and creativity in order to be recognized by their peers. This tradition has existed since the early Middle Ages when guilds governed artisanal trades; to become a master, artisans had to present a masterpiece, either full-sized or scaled down.

In the 19th century, the rise of the compagnonage fostered a pursuit of quality in many fields, and numerous masterworks were created. However, the spirit of the compagnonage, which promotes selflessness, meant that many of these works remained anonymous.

Artisans also sometimes created such works outside of their working hours for their personal enjoyment; retirement, in particular, was a prime time for them to create scaled-down models.

Another example of these miniature creations, of spectacular size (5.40 meters long and 2 meters wide), is found at the Ecomuseum of Creusot in Franche-Comté. It is a miniature reproduction of the Fraisans factory by Joseph Beuchot (1855-1920), a former mechanic of the factory. He worked on his model for over 20 years. It notably includes the various workshops of the factory: the rolling mill forge, the steam hammer forge, the hand forge, the carpentry, the puddling furnaces, the machine tools, and finally, the maintenance.

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