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Style Other / Ref.12544

DUCEL FOUNDRY, Cast iron statue from the antique sculpture Boy with a thorn, mid 19th century

Width: 27'' ⅛  69cm
Height: 31'' ⅛  79cm
Depth: 20'' ⅞  53cm

France. 19th century.

Good condition.

This small cast iron statue made in the middle of the 19th century, depicts a young boy busy withdrawing a thorn from his foot.
It was made from a sculpture, with the same name, made in bronze in the 1st century BC and kept in the Capitoline Museums in Roma. It arrived in the Capitoline Hills in 1471 with the donation of the Lateran bronzes by Sixtus IV to the Roman people. The singular and very gracious pose of the boy, caught in an usual gesture, made it one of the most admired and copied work of art during the Renaissance. It was itself made from a 3rd - 2nd century BC Hellenistic model for the body, while the head was made from 5th century BC Greek statues.

Jean-Jacques Ducel (1801 – 1877) creates the Ducel foundry in 1823, and specialized it in cast art sculpture from museum originals. Very appreciated in Paris during the 19th century, the foundry reputation is due to its many rewards during the International Exhibition. In 1878, the foundry is bought by its main concurrent, the Val d'Osne foundry which gathered the images from the Ducel foundry catalogue and wrote on it “Val d'Osne successeur de” (Val d'Osne successor of).