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Style Louis XVI / Ref.13316

20th century fireback with Louis Lepeletier de Rosanbo coat of arms and unicorns

Width: 30'' ¼  77cm
Height: 36'' ⅝  93cm
Depth: 2''   5cm

20th century.

Important cast iron fireback with coat of arms moulded from a 18th century model. This one belongs to the family Lepeletier. The blazon is as follows: « Azure base, with silver cross moline, stamped with a chevron, two six point Sable mullets and a golden rose ». Two unicorns support the shield (read our article about unicorn iconography). At the helm a marquis's crown and a mortar, symbol of the presidents of Parlement. This tends to point to Louis Le Peletier, Marquis of Rosanbo as the personal owner of these arms.
Louis Lepeletier de Rosanbo was mortar president of the Paris’ Parlement from 1765 and Freemason which allows him to assist as a visiter to the fires lighting of the Parisien lodge « La Candeur » one October, 22th 1775. Supporter of Louis XVI , he was guillotined in Paris with his wife Antoinette de Lamoignon de Malesherbes and his father-in-law Chrétien Guillaume de Lamoignon de Malesherbes on April, 22 1794.
His private mansion, built in 1780 by the architecte Nicolas-Claude Girardin (1749 - 1786) is still visible on 62-64 rue René-Boulanger in the 10th district of Paris. It is mentionned in Mémoires d’outre-tombe by Chateaubriand.

Le Carnavalet Museum exhibits an antique cast iron fireback with Michel Le Peletier de Souzy coat of arms, along with the ones of his wife, Madeleine Guérin des Forts. The blazon is also held by unicorns and is dated from 1688.

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