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Style Napoleon III / Ref.3700

"Flora and Zephyr", exceptional Napoleon III period fireplace in red Griotte marble and gilded bronze after the models of the Dauphin's bedchamber at the Palace of Versailles and of the Salon doré at the Élysée Palace in Paris

Width: 71'' ⅝  182cm
Height: 46'' ⅞  119cm
Depth: 20'' ½  52cm
Inner width: 44'' ½  113cm
Inner height: 38'' ¼  97cm

France, circa 1860.

Very good condition.

This extraordinary Red Griotte marble fireplace with gilt bronze mounts, Napoleon III period, is a perfect replica of the chimney-piece made in 1747 by Jacques Verberckt, sculptor, and Jacques Caffiéri, "sculptor, caster and chiseler of the king", for the Dauphin's bedchamber at the Palace of Versailles.
Napoleon III period, it shows a sumptuous gilded bronze decoration, very refined and delicate. This combination of marble and gilded bronze is characteristic of a period that had a particularly pronounced taste for ostentation and luxury.

Both jambs are ornated with terms figures depicting Flora, on the left, and Zephyr, on the right. Zephyr, represented as a young winged man, hair in the wind, supports an important garland of flowers that he seems to show to Flora. This one, with fine features and hair adorned with a crown of flowers, is also winged, which is a rather unusual iconography for the goddess of flowers and spring.
The center of the fireze is covered with a large shell from which fleshy acanthus leaves escape.

The Dauphin's bedchamber was completely redesigned in 1747 by the King's first architect, Ange-Jacques Gabriel and redecorated with a red Campan marble fireplace which model was designed by Jacques Verberckt, also in charge of the sculpted decorations of the apartments. The sculpture and bronzes of the fireplace were made by Jacques Caffiéri, the most important bronze-caster of the reign of Louis XV.
« The mantelpiece draws a rare value from its gilded bronzes: on the jambs are attached two Herm figures whose flowered sheath encloses a young figure holding flowers; on the right is Zephyr, the cheek slightly inflated by his breath; on the left, Flora, smiling, who seems to take shelter with her raised arm. The author is Jacques Caffiéri. Flora and Zephyr's chimney-piece is one of his important works, which it is pleasant to find in its old place. » (in Histoire du Château de Versailles, Versailles au XVIIIè siècle by Pierre de Nolhac, p. 107)

There is also a version of this fireplace in the Elysee Palace, in the Salon doré which is the main office of the Presidents of the Fifth Republic. This fireplace, decorated with the N of Napoleon III, was made at the request of the Emperor in 1861 to decorate the room that was a bedroom for the Empress Eugenie.

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This fireplace is sold with an antique cast iron insert adapted to this fireplace but without any marble floor. This one could be made to order (ask us for marble availability).