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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.13452

Maison des Bambous, Alfred PERRET and Ernest VIBERT - Furniture for bathroom sink with its dragon mirror

Width: 59''   150cm
Height: 76''   193cm
Depth: 24'' ⅜  62cm

19th century.

Good condition.

This furniture for bathroom sink with a Japanese shape and decoration is a work from the late 19th century attributed to the Maison des Bambous, shop founded by Alfred Perret, then joined by Ernest Vibert.

The furniture opens on its lower part by three doors adorned with bones inlays and motifs in chiseled and sculpted wood taking as theme the Asian esthetic. We notice the presence of characters in traditional outfits, swallows, butterflies, plants and on the central part a dragon in relief holding a cartouche with the letter M. These doors give access to a series of drawers and shelves. Monsters heads come also to adorn the mount with scrolls. The Red of the North marble slab is pierced on its middle to receive the basin. Finally, a splendid mirror shaped as a crescent moon in the taste of Gabriel Viardot (1830-1904), specialist of the Japonisme in Paris, adorned with a threatening dragon and cherry tree branches, comes to decorate our furniture.

Established in 1879 by Alfred Perret and Ernest Vibert at 30 rue du Quatre-Septembre in Paris, the Maison des Bambous specializes, from 1886, in the realization of Chinese-inspired furniture, drawing from the Far Eastern decorative repertoire , thus adorning furniture with dragons. This furniture is therefore quite representative of this production and the taste then in vogue for the exoticism.

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