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Style Orientalism / Ref.14791

Persian vases from the Manufacture de SÈVRES, a historic model


Height: 22''   56cm
Diameter: 9'' ½  24cm

19th century, French

Good condition

Our pair of vases are among the beautiful pieces of bourgeois decor from the Belle Epoque.

The model, known as the “Persian Bottle”, was created by the Sèvres Manufacture in 1874, based on a Persian (metal) prototype. The Manufacture de Sèvres produced other examples of this model, with variations in color and ornaments.

It was chosen by Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, a renowned sculptor who took over as artistic director of the Manufacture between 1874 and 1887. The particularity of the Persian bottle is that it has a very elongated neck, made of white porcelain generally decorated with patterns or flat areas of blue color. The pair of vases we are presenting was made in 1887. They are in plain cobalt blue glazed porcelain. The decor, composed of fine golden borders, dates from 1888. Blue is considered the favorite color of ceramics from Persia, a culture which was of great interest to earthenware makers in the second half of the 19th century.

The era, tired of neo-Greek and neo-Etruscan fantasies, was indeed keen on exotic and oriental references.

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