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Style Napoleon III / Ref.10708

Julien-Nicolas RIVART (1802-1867) - Leather sheathed jewelry box decorated of porcelain marquetry

Width: 9'' ⅞  25cm
Height: 5'' ⅛  13cm
Depth: 7'' ⅞  20cm

Between 1850 and 1867.

Leather, brass, porcelain marquetry. In very good condition.

This box is graciously decorated with flowers in porcelain inlays by Julien-Nicolas Rivart . The latter is the inventor of the porcelain marquetry technique, a unique process, searched for a long time and patented in 1849, he was the only one to master. Since this date, he foresaw the possibility of inlaying not only in wood, but in several other types of materials as well, including cardboard, velvet and leather. Such examples are however very rare, which is why this box presents a particular historical value, the bouquet of roses and blue campanulas being inlaid in the leather.

Rivart , a skillful artist, achieved the aesthetic synthesis between the Florentine hard stone marquetry and the decoration of porcelain slabs from 18th century. He can hence combine the lightness of marquetry and its sophisticated contrasts effects, with the charm of painting on porcelain. The marquetry invented by Rivart enables these sophisticated hues to contrast directly with the wood, and prevents to hide the veins and the cabinetmaker's beautiful work. For that reason, at the World's Fairs of 1851, 1855 and 1867, this technique is described as "a delicious process", "yet more beautiful than beautiful", and receives the Emperor Napoleon III's congratulations.
Auguste Luchet evokes with lyricism "the magic that comes from a bouquet in kaolin" on a dark background, just as on our box. The elegant sobriety of the leather enhances indeed the porcelain luminosity and the brass border with beautiful arabesques chiseling.

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