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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.16107

Longwy faience: pair of vases on a wood base

Width: 9''   23cm
Height: 15'' ¾  40cm

Circa 1880.

Signed « Longwy » on the back.

Enameled faience, bases made out of wood.

This pair of vases was made by the Longwy manufacturer, Fainencerie of Meurthe-et-Moselle, around 1880. In blue enameled faience and goldened with an engraved decoration, these two vases are elaborately decorated on their paunches. A vegetal decor of floral branches decorates the whole surface of the faience. In the middle of each vase there is a cartouche with an intertwining decor, around which there are bats with their wings spread.
These same bets are displayed in relief on the neck of each vase. These vases play on the ornamental vocabulary from the Far East that were really in fashion in France at the time, thanks to the Universal Exhbitions where China was able to present its most illustrious creations.

Created in 1798, the Faincerie of Longwy was well renowned from the start of the 19th century. With the arrival of the Italian Amédée from Carenza who bought with him the technique of cloisonné enamels on faience, the Faiencerie diversified and largely expanded its production, changing it to produce oriental and Far East style works of art, according to the trend at the time. This pair of vases is a clear example of this.

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